Whats The Best Approach For Fogged Windows

When fogging appears in your windows it can be stressful and the impending cost can be a point of further worry. Before you start to stress it essential that you decide which option to take when it comes to dealing with your fogged window.

The solution will of course depend on the severity of the problem, knowing the severity will help you make sure you don’t pay more than you need to. Theres a range of common solutions and today we’re going to talk about the most common 4.

SEAL REPAIR (Preventative)

The first solution and by far the smallest operation is the repairing of broken seals. The most common way a seal can fail is to tear or crack and leave a gap allowing air and moisture to enter and cloud the window. In the case of a simple gap there is no need to replace the seal and doing so can waste money. The gaps in the seals can simply be filled with specially formulated fillers. Of course if the window has already begun to fog this method is likely to be unsuccessful and is more of a preventative procedure.

SEAL REPLACE (Preventative)

If you have multiple breakages in your seal or considerably large breakages then replacing the seal all together. Again this is a preventative measure and will not fix already fogged windows. Replacement window seals can be bought and applied yourself, this method is usually more time consuming and expensive than fixing seals.


Glass repair is not something you should undertake yourself, however if possible it is most cost effective than replacing the glass all together. Where possible, cracks and small holes in your glass can be filled and repaired by professionals. Before fixing your glass, the air between the panes has to be vented and removed.


Replacing glass all together should be a last option and is by far the most costly and the longest process. In the case of severely fogged or damaged glass, replacing the glass is the best option. The old glass will be removed and a new pane fitted. While in principle this is the most straightforward procedure, it is also the longest and most expensive meaning it should be your first option.

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